Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Logan Family Reunion

Last Friday, we headed down to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas for a Logan Family Reunion. On Saturday morning, the kids all got together to swim:

After swimming, we waited in the hotel lobby to go to the Food Trucks in downtown Dallas.

Lily & Uncle Sam:

Jeff & the kids with Great Grandma:

Lily & Aiden with Grandma:

Richard, Norma, Elayne, Bryce, and William with their Logan Family shirts on!

Still waiting to go to the food trucks.....

Finally in downtown Dallas! The kids took a picture on this statue. Then the adults promptly got in trouble for it. ;0)

Food Trucks!!

Lily posing while she waits for Jeff to bring her some lunch:

Lily got a peanut butter & jelly crepe that she loved.

Zach was in heaven with fried catfish and fries.

Jeff & I had these sliders. There was a BBQ beef one with baked mac & cheese on top, a chicken strip with garlic mashed potatoes one, and a spicy sausage one. They were pretty good!

I forgot to take a picture of Riley's. He had a sandwich called The Dead Elvis. It was peanut butter, nutella, and bacon. While that sounds disgusting to me, he said it was the best sandwich he had ever had. :0)

Later on that night, we all met for a dinner of yummy BBQ and a family meeting. (The kids played during the meeting.)

During the meeting Jeff & I were able to order these shirts:

The picture that is on there was drawn by Jeff's late Grandpa. :0)

We had lunch at Jeff's Aunt & Uncle's house on Sunday and then headed back to Wichita. It was nice to see some family we don't see very often.

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