Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Things

I asked Zach & Riley to make a list of 10 things they really wanted to do this summer. The things they wanted to put on the list made me smile. Most of the things are very simple, yet fun things to do. This makes my job in accomplishing them a lot easier. =) They did have the random thing that I had to veto (going to Disney World....), and some of them were things we will definitely do more than once, but I think the boys came up with some fun things to do and this way I know they are getting to do stuff that they really want to do.

Here is our list:
1. swimming
2. play card games
3. do art projects
4. sleep in a tent outside
5. do fireworks
6. catch fireflies
7. have a sleepover with cousins
8. make S'mores
9. take a nature walk
10. take a day trip somewhere outside of Wichita

I added the last one. I am not sure where we are going to go, but I would like to go somewhere outside of Wichita that wouldn't take too long to get to and that would be fun for the kids. Any ideas out there???

So, this is our list. Hopefully we will do everything at least once. I will try to post pictures of each thing we do.

I hope everyone has a fun summer!!!!!


  1. What about the Tangeria zoo (sp?)? You can pet the animals up close and it is not too far away. Derby has a fun water park.

    -Aunt Dianna

  2. tanganyika wildlife park - I was going to say that too! I want to go this summer. :-)
    -Aunt Amy

  3. How about the aquarium in Tulsa?