Sunday, May 31, 2009

#4: Sleep In A Tent

This morning we were able to cross off #4 on our list of things to do this summer: Sleep in a tent. I worded this one that way because I didn't actually want to go camping. If you don't already know it, I am NOT an outdoorsy kind of girl. My idea of camping would be in an air conditioned cabin with running water and an actual bathroom I can use. (So, not really camping...) As you may have guessed, Jeff was the one who slept in the tent with the boys, while I sacrificed and slept in the house where Lily was. =) The boys were super excited to set the tent up in the backyard. They were "big" helpers to Jeff.

Even Lily wanted to help!

Riley worked really hard pushing the tent stake into the ground.

Zach decided to use a hammer.

In their PJ's and ready for a night in the tent!!!

What would a night in the tent be without a movie and popcorn???

They slept all night in the tent...and got up very early this morning. (Poor Jeff!) The boys had a lot of fun and want to actually go camping.....maybe when Jeff wants to take them by himself..... =)

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