Friday, May 8, 2009

Disneyland (Day 3)

Day three of our trip started out with the kids having just as much energy as they did on the first day.....not so much for the adults. =) This day we were going to go to Disneyland and California Adventures since we had park hopper passes. We started out at Disneyland though, because it opened two hours earlier than California Adventures. We decided to start our day by torturing Lily one more time. I thought that maybe she didn't like the princesses because it had been so late in the day when we had gone the day before and she was tired, so since the line was only a couple of people long, we stood in line to wait again. Besides, Zach wanted to see the princesses too. While we waited, (a considerably shorter amount of time) I saw all of these little girls in princess dresses (and seen them the day before also). I thought Lily would look really cute in one of those dresses. So I talked Jeff into buying one for her at the cute princess shop right next door. =) She LOVED the dress!!! I took this as a good sign for when we met the princesses again. Here she is, all smiles, in her dress. (Sleeping Beauty)

Isn't she cute? (Look for this dress on her again at Halloween....) The first princess we met was Snow White!

OK, OK, she's not all ecstatic to see her, but at least she wasn't disgruntled like the day before. =) It was the boys turn to meet her next. The day before, Zach was kind of upset that he didn't get to meet them, so he was excited that we were going back. Riley, on the other hand, was adamant that he was NOT going to have his picture taken with a princess. He didn't even want to meet them. I said that was fine, that he could just stand with Jeff. Well, as you can see in this next picture, Riley was all smiles. He ran right over & told her he loved her! (I'll have to watch him closely in about 10-12 years!)

Here they are chatting up Snow White.

Here is Lily walking toward Snow White. I think Lily thought she was missing out on something or that maybe Snow White wasn't so bad if the boys liked her.


The boys loved Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella too.

Lily and Cinderella.

The princesses were very nice and tried to get Lily to smile. They were also very sweet with the boys while they talked their ears off. =)

After that, the boys finally got to go on this submarine ride they had seen. The line was always so long, but it wasn't too bad this morning. It was pretty cool, it took you under water and there were projectors showing characters from Finding Nemo that talked and swam around.
After a few more rides, we headed over to California Adventures. You have to walk across this big open area to it, and in front, they have these big letters that spell out California. The boys each picked a letter to have their picture taken next to. The boys favorite ride there was Toy Story Mania. It was a really fun ride. It was in 3D! We wore these glasses and then "shot" things from little cannons on the ride into screens to score points. It took you room to room and on each screen was a new game. It looked like the things you were shooting at were coming toward you! Lily loved this giant animated Mr. Potato head out in front of the ride.

Then we headed over to Bug's Land. There were some cute little kids rides and a 3D show the boys really liked.

Riley wanted to get his picture taken in front of this scary-looking bug.

Since California Adventures is (I think) more of a park for teenagers and adults, we asked the kids if they wanted to go back to Disneyland. They wanted to go there instead of staying, so we left. On the way back, the boys took their pictures laying on these Mickey Mouse heads in between the two parks.

After several days of getting up early, going to sleep late, no naps, and just going constantly, Lily finally gave up and crashed for about two hours.

While Lily slept, Jeff and I took turns taking the boys on rides. When she woke up we went on the Casey Jr. Train. Here is the car they rode in.

After many more rides, we asked the boys if they wanted to stay for the fireworks again. They, of course, wanted too. So, we picked our spot really early and got front row seats. The kids ate suckers and cotton candy while we waited and played with their light-up Mickey Mouse ears.

This is the castle lit up at night.


I love fireworks and the ones at Disneyland are fantastic!
We had a GREAT time at Disneyland! The boys wanted to stay a few more days, but we had to leave for Ventura for Jeff's conference.
I will post pictures of the kids in the ocean soon. They had a great time there too!


  1. Looks like a great time! Love the music you have playing. Lily looks so adorable in her pink princess dress. She'll probably have the dress worn out by Halloween! ;0)

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    Aunt Dianna :0)