Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun

The kids and I spent a lot of time outside the last few days enjoying the weather and time with family. Poor Jeff was not so lucky. Sunday morning, he woke up with a very congested chest. He has really bad asthma, and we didn't want to take any chances of him getting worse by being outside where all of the things he is allergic to are, so he stayed home while the kids and I went to my brother's house for lunch and fun in the pool. I know Jeff was sad that he missed the fun, but he did get some quality rest in a quiet house. =)

Here are some pictures from the pool party:

This was as far as Riley would go. He thought the water was too cold.

Lily loved this thing! It has a fan in the bottom of it that pushes you through the water and then it has a squirt gun on it too, so she was driving around the pool squirting people. She was really good at it and was giggling so much. She decided it wasn't so much fun when she accidentally squirted herself in the face though.
(Don't worry, it looks like she was by herself, but people were by her the whole time.)
Today the kids and I played outside most of the day. They used sidewalk chalk....
....Lily mowed the driveway....

....and the boys rode their scooters.

While Lily was napping, the boys went through the sprinkler again!

Then they broke out the super soaker!

Here is Lily feeling sorry for Jeff.

Tonight we went over to Jeff's parent's house for dinner and to let the kids play in the hot tub. The boys had fun playing with their cousins William and Elayne.

Since Lily couldn't get in the hot tub, she decided to climb all over the deck.

We had such a fun weekend!

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