Monday, May 11, 2009

Tot Trot

We went to the Tot Trot last Saturday at the Wichita Riverfest. Both of the boys started running in it when each of them were three years old. They love running in it! When they crossed the finish line, they each got a medal. Here are the boys before the race.
They boys had to wait what seems like forever to them for their turn to run. This year was especially long because they had to wait for the two and three year olds to run first. Finally, it was Riley's turn. He ran a good race. Look how excited he is!!
Here is Riley, so proud, with his medal.

When it was the six year olds turn, I saw Zach waiting (not so patiently) with Jeff in line. I could tell he couldn't wait to get started. He takes his racing seriously. Zach was second in his race!!! Yeah Zach!!

My sister's two girls Taby and Alyssa also ran in the race. Here they all are with their medals. Good job kids!!!!

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  1. I miss the Tot Trot and watching all the kids run! Glad they all had fun.

    Did you go to the parade or watch the fireworks?...not much of a comparison to Disney I'm afraid!