Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lily has never had a lot of hair. Since she was born, I have wanted to do things to her hair, but have had to settle with headbands and little bows....which she pulls out. =) But the other day, I was looking at her hair and noticed that it was getting longer. It curls a little in the back, so it is hard to tell, but I thought that just maybe I would be able to do this to her:

Ponytails!!! I was so excited!!! I know, it is a pretty silly thing to get excited about, but I was excited anyway. =) These big bows kept slipping out, so I bought little hairbands today. (Which are still a little too big for her super thin hair.) She sat there on the bathroom counter and let me put these in and then said "pretty!"
And she even left them in!!


  1. How Adorable!! Those are the tiniest pigtails I have ever seen. Looks like she took after us w/the thin fine hair :0)

    Aunt Dianna

  2. Such a cutie! At least she has more hair than Lindsey did! :-)