Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Day!

Today was Zach's Field Day at school. He had a lot of fun!! I was in charge of 9 took me back to my teaching days, and I had forgotten how exhausting Field Day was! There were twelve centers that the kids got to go to. The first one that my group picked was the one where some of the seventh grade boys pretty much just pelted them with wet water balls. The kids loved it!! They chanted, "Let's get wet!" over and over again on the way over to that center. Zach (in red, white, and black) was soaked!

Another fun center was where two kids put a harness on that was attached to another harness with a bungee cord. They each ran in a different direction, trying to get the other one over the cone in the middle. Zach won his round!

They also had sack races and races where you had two people on skis where you had to work together to move.

There were many more centers that were so much fun including a moonwalk, a race where they had to pass a bucket full of water over their heads to each other to fill a big bucket up (another favorite), a big ball that they got to pass to each other, and lots of other fun things!! After an hour and a half, they took a break to eat popsicles. Then it was time for the class tug of war games. Zach and his class tried really hard.

This is Zach's Kindergarten class:

This is my niece Taby's Kindergarten class:
(She's in the pink, 4th from the back.)

Unfortunately for Zach, he didn't have much luck with the tug of war. His class lost and then they did boys against girls, which didn't turn out any better for him. =) Here are the girls working so hard!!

Here are the boys after the girls totally beat them. The girls were pretty proud of themselves. =)

The weather was perfect. No rain, not too hot, just a little breezy. Not too bad! All of the kids had fun and are looking forward to just one more week of school!

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