Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today I had to take some time for myself. Sometimes us Moms have to do that. I had been feeling kind of stressed out lately, trying to get to all of the end of school things for the boys, trying to remember everything they needed. So, I was excited to have a girl's afternoon with my best friend Stephanie. She had made an appointment for a pedicure for us. Saturday is "my day" to sleep in, but I usually never sleep past 9:00 or so, so I was shocked when I woke up at 10:30!!! I honestly do not remember the last time I slept that late!! I hopped in the shower, and when I got out, my WONDERFUL husband had homemade coffee cake and a cup of coffee waiting for me. So sweet! I had to pick Steph up by 11:30, so I quickly got ready and headed to her house. We decided that lunch after our pedi's sounded great too, so after a relaxing time at the salon, we headed to lunch for more girl talk. (Thanks Steph for such a great day!!) When I got home (several hours later...) I walked into a clean house and a husband who told me he was cooking dinner. I think he knew I was needing a break. Smart guy, that one. =) After Lily got up from her nap, the kids and I headed outside to run in the sprinkler.

Lily was not fond of the sprinkler, saying "rain, no rain!" So she played with the bubble machine instead.

The boys saw their friend next door come outside, so they yelled for him to come over. He came over with his mom, and we talked while the boys went down their home-made water slide. I love that they are old enough to have neighborhood friends come over now.

After dinner (and after Jeff cleaned up) we set up this tent for the boys to watch a movie. We are going to let them sleep in it, so they are pretty excited about that.
So, after a day of fun with a friend, being pampered at a spa and by Jeff, I feel refreshed. I can now tackle all of the activities that come with summer. =)


  1. Wow Jenny! That sounds great! I don't EVER get to sleep in! Eli wakes up around 6:30-7 EVERY morning! There's no keeping him out of our room either! Glad you got to have nice day!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful relaxed deserve it!! Let me guess, you went to Panera for lunch? ;0)

  3. Rats...the above post is from

    Sister Dianna

  4. What a great day!!

    Moms need to refresh like that sometimes.

    (where in Kansas are you?)