Sunday, May 17, 2009


We went to see the new tiger exhibit at the zoo yesterday. The kids liked the new statue of the tiger and jumped right up on it for a picture....I swear they like the statues more than the actual animals...

While the tigers were cool to look at, I can't help but think that Zach was a little disappointed. They laid there chewing on some bones. I think Zach thought they were going to come running up to the glass roaring. They seemed pretty content to just lay there.

They also have a new Red Panda. Zach kept insisting that it was a fox. He would not believe me that it was a Red Panda. He was pretty cute. He kept walking around looking at everyone look at him.

After checking out the tigers, we saw that they were feeding the giraffes. The boys love doing this and this time Lily got to do it. They used to have little pellets that you fed them with, but they have switched to branches, which is probably more sanitary than the giraffe's tongues touching you, but I think the boys missed those long black tongues reaching out to them. =)

We had a good time checking out the new tigers and feeding the giraffes!


  1. What fun pictures!

    We haven't been to the zoo in forever.

  2. Looks like fun! i need to go there one of these days, i haven't been in like 8 years.

  3. I hear ya with the boys do the same thing!! :0)

    -Aunt Dianna