Sunday, July 5, 2009

#5: Fireworks

Number 5 on the boys' list of things they want to do this summer is fireworks. The boys LOVE fireworks. They love to watch them and they love to set them off. (with Jeff's help) Zach said yesterday, "Too bad the 4th of July only comes around once a year!" =) After we set off some fireworks yesterday morning and after Lily took a nap, we headed over to my brother Tom & his wife Carla's house where they were having a BBQ. The boys did some fireworks when they got there, then headed to the pool.

Then we had some ice cream!!

Then it was back out front to do more fireworks!

Poor Lily was running a fever and not feeling well, so we went home before the night works started, but after giving her some medicine and putting her to bed, the boys were able to go out front in our yard to do sparklers and some night works with Jeff.

Then Jeff did some big night works for the boys!

Riley decided he didn't like the big noise some of them were making.

After our fireworks were all gone, the boys got in the back of Jeff's truck to watch all of the fireworks being shot off around our neighborhood.
I think the boys had fun crossing off number five on their list of things to do this summer! =)

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