Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last weekend, my sister Amy came over for dinner. This is what she taught the boys after dinner:

Riley got his spoon on his ear.
Zach got spoons on both his nose and his ear!

Wow.......I have some talented kids. =)

Also: Notice how none of them are smiling? They must take there spoon hanging seriously. =)


  1. Hey! That takes some pretty hard concentration to pull off missy! And thanks for taking such a lovely pic. of me (eye roll here). On the up side, how annoying is it when they want to do it all the time. ;-)

  2. YOu need an agent. Those are some crazy talented kids you've got. ;-)

  3. I'll see when the next "America's Got Talent" tryouts are and sign your boys up!! Try to get Lily to learn...I'm sure she'd really add to the cute factor!