Friday, July 17, 2009

Not so little anymore.....

That's how I feel these days with Lily. Don't get me wrong, she's still little. Just not a baby anymore. She has been talking so much lately!! She puts words together to make sentences. She mimics whatever the boys say, but she also comes up with sentences all on her own. Like Wednesday when we went swimming with the kids' cousins. Lily got up in the trampoline and called to her cousin Johnny (who is 2 1/2), "Johnny! Come jump with me!" It just got me that she is old enough to start thinking of things like that! She laughs at jokes and says "That's funny!" It's amazing how just six months ago she was just saying single words. We started potty-training her this week. I am waiting for something catastrophic to happen because she is the easiest child to potty-train. I'm not bragging, I'm in awe. The boys were easy, but Lily has been crazy easy. We put her in big girl undies on Monday and since then she has only had 3 accidents. Seriously. No complaints here......but doesn't that seem too easy? =) When God was picking out children for Jeff & I, He must have known we would not be good at potty training, because they have all practically trained themselves. Back to Lily growing out of the baby phase. It makes me sad....but I am also excited for this next chapter in her life. All three of the kids are similar, yet very different. I can't wait to see how her personality develops. So, no more baby. Just a very cute "big girl".


  1. She looks tall in that photo also! seemed like not that long ago she was born :0(

  2. Just rub it in! I think our boys will be potty trained by the time they're 40 at the rate we're going. ;)

  3. I like the strut she's got going on the tramp. that is too funny!