Friday, July 31, 2009

Riley's Swimming Lessons

Riley has wanted to take swimming lessons since Zach took them last winter, but he just didn't seem ready enough. Well, the last several times we have gone swimming in a big pool, he has gone out farther into the water, and even loves putting his head under water (where before he wouldn't even think of doing this.) So, Jeff & I thought it was time to let him take swimming lessons. He just finished his first week and he LOVED it!

This is his favorite part. They sing "Ring around the roses", but they end with "and we all do bobs!" He loves to bob in and out of the water.

He is also getting good at kicking his legs while putting his head in and out of the water.

His teacher said that he is doing better at turning his head to the side for breaths.

At the end of each lesson, they turn on the water slide!!!

Riley wishes he could do this the entire time!

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