Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Puzzle Stamp Shirts

I got this idea from a magazine. They made a peace sign, but since the kids have no idea what that is, I decided to let them choose what they made.

First, you glue puzzle pieces onto a piece of cardboard in the shape you want. Riley chose a fish, Zach chose a circle (that he made into a sun), and I chose a heart for Lily, because Lily did not actually do this project. =) Then we slathered paint onto the pieces, flipped the cardboard over onto a shirt and press down like a stamp. (You need a piece of cardboard in the shirt too, so the paint doesn't run to the other side). Then I let the kids use paint and puff paint to embellish them.

Zach's shirt:

Riley's shirt:

Lily's shirt:

I probably should have used smaller puzzle pieces, but I only have the big kind. And, if you use a puzzle you already have, make sure your kids really, really, really, do not want it anymore. Otherwise you might hear how you ruined their favorite puzzle (even if they don't remember the last time they actually used it) for days after this project is over. So, I suggest going to Dollar Tree and just buying a new one. =)

1 comment:

  1. Those shirts are down right adorabl! They did such a good job with them. Clever idea!

    Good job Zach, Riley and Lily,

    Love, Aunt Dianna