Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#9: Nature Walk

We were able to cross off the last thing on our list of ten things the boys wanted to do this summer. Number 9 was: Take a nature walk. We have been on plenty of walks this summer and the kids usually point out things in nature, but I haven't had my camera with me. So this morning, I grabbed my camera and we set out to find things in nature.

This is the pond at the park by our house. Zach thought it would be a good picture for nature.
In the pond, we found a mama duck with her babies.

The kids' favorite part of our nature walk?
Playing at the park!
OK, that really has nothing to do with nature, but we usually end up at the park on our walks, and by the time we got there, they were pretty much done with nature. =) So we ran to the park to play.
So, our list is done. We still have some summer left though and we will be filling our days with playing, swimming, art projects, and having movie nights. It was fun to make the list and the boys got excited each time we were able to cross something off. We will definitely do this again next summer. I am sure there will be some of the same things, but hopefully we will come up with some new things too.

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  1. I love the idea of a list of things to do over the summer. I'll have to do this next summer with our kids now that they're getting old enough to understand. You're so great to keep all the art projects and such going too. I had to take a break from them this summer. And to let them cook with you- you're awesome! I haven't had the patience for that yet. What a mom you are!!!