Tuesday, July 7, 2009

St. Maarten Part 2

Jeff and I went snorkeling while we were in St. Maarten. We saw a lot of fish and a sea urchin!

But the fish moved too fast, so we don't have a lot of pictures of them.....so we took pictures of ourselves. =) Jeff dove down and collected a lot of shells for the boys!

We decided to get better pictures of fish on a Sea Explorer excursion. It is a boat that you go down in the bottom of to look through glass to see the fish. They have a diver who feeds to fish so they come really close to the boat. It was really cool to see all of the different types of fish and coral.

Sea Turtles!

We also saw starfish and baby jellyfish. I couldn't get good pictures of those though. =(
The last few days we were there, the waves were really big!! It was actually fun to be out in them having them make you go up and down. Some of the people in the ocean were "body surfing" into the shore. Jeff decided he was going to try it. I accidentally body surfed on my way back in...those waves were strong! That was not fun.....there are NO pictures of this! =) I did sit up on the beach and took pictures of Jeff doing it on purpose though.

I loved the way the waves crashed up on these rocks!

Well, that's enough for today. I have pictures of the Sunset Cruise that we went on for the last part of our vacation pictures tomorrow. =)

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