Saturday, July 3, 2010

#20: Go to the Drive-In

Friday night was a perfect night to head to the drive-in.
It was cool and there was a nice breeze.
We packed the kids' favorite blankets and pillows.
When we got there, we got them all settled in the back of Jeff's car.

We did have to wait awhile for the movie to start.
Lily kept pointing out that the sun was setting......
so the movie could finally start.

The boys told each other funny stories and jokes.

About 15 minutes before the movie started,
we gave them what they had been waiting for:

Popcorn and gummy worms!!

We saw Toy Story 3.
It was a really good movie.
The boys loved it!
Lily liked it too, and thought it was funny.....
after she finally settled down long enough to sit still and watch it. =)

By the time we got home (close to midnight)
the kids looked like this in the back seat:
They looked more like this:
WIDE awake!
That's OK though,
they did sleep in on Saturday morning.
Lily even slept until 10:30!!!

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  1. I love Lily's "pretend sleep" face. :-)