Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shows and Other Fun Things

While we were in Branson, we got to see two really fun shows, ride on The Ducks, and go mini golfing!

On one of the nights, Jeff & I got to go on this big showboat called the Branson Belle.....

....all by ourselves!!
Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and I loved doing lots of fun things with them during our stay in Branson, but it is always nice for just Jeff & I to get to do things together.

The Branson Belle is a big paddle boat that goes around Table Rock Lake while the people inside eat a yummy dinner and watch a show.
We saw singers and dancers perform lots of great songs, and then we saw a very funny comedian.

We got to ride on The Ducks one afternoon.
The Ducks are military vehicles that drive on land and then turn into boats.
They also go out onto Table Rock.
Everyone gets a quacker for the ride.
The kids really like these.......the adults, not so much. ;-)

The kids also get a chance to come up & "drive" the boat!!

They thought that was a lot of fun!!

On another night, we went to the Dixie Stampede!
Jeff & I have been twice, but the kids have never been.
They thought it was SO fun!!!
You do not get any type of silverware; that was especially funny to the kids.
While you are eating, you get to watch a show where there are cowboys and cowgirls riding horses, and they have chicken races, pig races, and miniature horse races.
You are either for the North or the South.
We were on the North side and the kids waved their North flags for the competitors.
The kids were really excited when the North won!
These are some pictures that were taken before the show.

One afternoon when it was raining, we took the kids to an indoor mini golf course.
They had a lot of fun showing Grandma their golfing skills. =)

I know I already showed all of our Silver Dollar City pictures, but I made Jeff scan this one so I could show it here on the blog.
We got all dressed up as cowboys and saloon girls in the tintype picture shop in SDC.
The kids had fun dressing up and I think the picture turned out pretty cute!

So, as you can see, we tried to shove as much fun as possible into one week. =)
Stay tuned for pictures on the boat catching fish!!

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  1. Glad you and Jeff got to do something w/just you 2...always a nice change!!

    Western pic is ADORABLE!

    I think I need to plan a trip to Branson next year...looks like you got to do lots of fun stuff!!