Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Checking Things Off Our List

After we came back from Branson, I realized that we had lots of stuff to check off of our Summer List, and not too many more weeks of summer left to do it.
So, for the past week and a half, we have been busy checking things off.

The first thing we did was turn in our Summer Reading Club sheets at the library.
This was number 12 on our list.
The kids had already met their goals, we just hadn't had time to turn them in before we left for Missouri.

As you completed your goal, you could show the librarians how many books you read, and they would give you ducks to put in the Polar Bear's bathtub.
Last week they got their prizes!
Then this week, Zach got his very own library card!
He was SO excited!!

Number 17 on our list was catching fireflies.
We didn't have too much luck the night we did it though. =(
Riley caught one, but it got away before we could put it in a jar.
The picture I have here is one that their cousin Taby caught.
Jeff did catch one as we were getting in our car to go home, so at least they had one in a jar at our house for one night.

Yesterday, we checked off number 18; taking a nature walk.
We went to my parent's house and walked around the creek and woods that are behind their house.

We didn't go too far in here......

there is poison ivy in here somewhere......

This was what they did the most on our "walk".....

Play on the rocks in the creek.
Since I didn't let them actually get in the water, my dad told them to come back another day and he would let them have fun down there.
They usually come back soaking wet after having fun with Granddad. ;-)

This morning, we checked off number 4 on our list.
This is the one I have been dreading.
It was to ride their bikes/scooters to the park.
We go to the park all of the time, but I wasn't too sure how Riley riding his scooter to the park would be.......he tends to be on the whiny side sometimes. =)

It worked out great though!
Zach sped along on his bike
(getting a tad frustrated that we were much slower than him.)
Riley was not too far behind him, and Lily rode in the wagon.

I made Zach stay with us until we got past all of the busy streets, then he was free to speed to the playground.
Then he was WAY ahead of us!

When Riley saw that Zach was that far ahead if him, this happened:

No more scootering, just dragging it behind him. =)

Then we made it to the park!!

The ride back home was also uneventful. (yeah!)
So, we will probably do that more often now!

Four more things checked off our list!!
We have a few more things to do and only a few more weeks before school starts.
So we will be busy getting stuff done!

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