Friday, July 30, 2010

Fountain and Park Fun

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I have lived in this city my entire life and I do not know everything that is in it.
I did not know that a cool fountain that kids could splash in existed.
I also did not know a playground was located right next to it.
It is in Riverside Park.
I know where Riverside Park is....I just have never been in Riverside park.....
even though I did my student teaching at Riverside.....
The power of observation people, it's a good thing. =)
My sister Dianna took her and our brother's boys to it last week.
They had a ton of fun!
So, she invited my sister Mary, me and our kids to go with her this week.
I wasn't too sure how well Lily would like it.
She is not a fan of sprinklers.
Camden showed her the ropes though, and I think she really enjoyed it after she got used to it.

There was no "getting used to it" for the boys though......

It was all or nothing for them!

The playground is literally right next to the fountains.
Cooper and Carson showed my boys that their wet swim trunks make you go down the slides fast!!
They loved it!

Lily liked climbing up this net.

Then is was back to the fountains....

.....and back to the playground.....
..and back to the fountains....

After several times of running back and forth, we settled the kids down for a picnic.
Thanks Dianna for inviting us!
The kids had SO much fun!

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