Sunday, July 18, 2010


We went to Branson last week with Jeff's parents.
We had so much fun!!
We packed in as much fun as possible. =)
One of the things the kids liked most was Silver Dollar City.
We went three days during the week.
That last day was enough for me.....
luckily it was the last day before we left. =)
This post will be all about Silver Dollar City.
I will post more about our trip and what we did throughout the week.

The first thing the kids did when we entered the park was to play on these cool wooden trains, tractors, and trucks.
Since they were so easily entertained by these things (that did not move) I knew they were in for a big surprise just a few steps farther into the park. ;-)

Don't be fooled by the smiles on Lily's face in these pictures.
The first few times Lily rode these, she HATED them!!
So much so, that we had to have the operator stop it so we could get her off. =(

After Lily refused to get on anything else......
Jeff & Zach got on this thing:

Riley was mad he wasn't tall enough.
He got over it though when he got to ride some roller coasters.....the big ones......

There was a Stunt Dog show starting just when I didn't think I could stand the heat & humidity anymore. Air conditioning, yeah!!!
Here are the kids with their grandparents waiting for the show to start.
It was a pretty good show.
The dogs did really cool tricks.
After the show we went to ride a roller coaster Lily could ride.
She was mad she couldn't ride with her daddy and brothers on the big ones.....
even though she didn't want to ride the little kiddie rides.
Don't ask me to explain a three year old's logic.
Not surprisingly, she did not like this ride either.
The boys did though!
Here are the boys posing as criminals.
I like the look on Lily's face in this picture......
like she is not surprised to see them there....
Since Lily wasn't big on riding rides that first day, and it was HOT, we got her a lemonade ice.
They are YUMMY!!!
They are also good for cooling off.
She decided for the next two days (no we did not go three days in a row, we spread them out, do you think I'm crazy?!?! Don't answer that.) that she really needed more lemonade ices.
Here is a picture from each day.

For those of you who remember our 2006 trip to Silver Dollar City (when Riley was 18 months old) he also felt like he should have a lemonade ice every day (and pop!!). We thought it was funny that Lily was following in his shoes.

The second and third days that we were there, Lily got better at riding rides.

She even went on this one with all of us:

She was OK with it.
The boys wanted to go on it again, but Lily & I declined. =)

The second day was very hot and humid again.
When we found this part of the park, it was GREAT!!
The kids could just play in the water.
SO refreshing!!
On the last day, we stopped to see a magic show.
Zach got called up to be a helper!!
When the magician gave him his wand, it fell apart.
Zach thought that was SO funny!
He helped make the pictures in a book colored, then he made them disappear & reappear!
He had a lot of fun doing it!
At the end of the last day, we stopped in an ice cream parlor that I remembered from the last time we were there.
It was still as delicious as a I remembered it.
The kids thought so too.
So, that's a very condensed version of Sliver Dollar City.
We had lots of fun there and the kids can't wait until we can go again!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful vacation. It was almost unbearably hot here so I can imagine how fun that was to be out in it for part of the day...glad it didn't ruin your fun though!