Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zach's Volcano

The kids like to use salt dough to sculpt things.
We bake the dough and then they can paint what they made.
This time Zach decided he wanted to make a volcano......
one that actually spewed out "lava".
He started out by shaping his dough into a volcano.

After it was baked and cooled, he painted it brown.

He added red paint to look like lava flowing out of it.
Then I sprayed it with a sealant so it wouldn't fall apart when the lava came out.
To make the lava, we needed these things:

Zach wanted his lava to actually be red, so we added red food coloring.
First, Jeff helped Zach add baking soda:

Then he added the vinegar mixed with red food coloring:

The more he poured, the more this happened:

Zach was pretty proud of himself!


  1. WOW Zach! That is an awesome volcano you made! Congrats!

    -Cooper, Carson & Camden.