Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunflowers, Green Beans, and Watermelon!

All of our plants are grown and we have even harvested some!
The first thing we picked was green beans!
These are Zach's favorite.
He gave them a stamp of approval when he ate them for dinner!

Then our sunflowers bloomed!

These things got TALL!!

I love sunflowers!
They are so cheery!

Riley's purple flowers never grew. =(
I have no idea what happened.

We planted carrots too....but the rabbits ate them all!

The plant the kids were most excited about were the watermelons.
I was pleasantly surprised when we started seeing baby watermelons.
We had five big watermelons Friday night and some new baby ones.
By big, I mean about 4 pounds.
The watermelons we grew were Sugar Baby Watermelons.
I wasn't too sure how big they were supposed to be, but one looked ripe,
so we took it off of the vine.

Then we cut it open:

Then we let the kids taste it:

It was sweet, juicy, delicious, and tiny. =)
We all got a few little pieces and then it was all gone.
Oh well, good thing we have more outside still growing.
I think next year we will try to grow big watermelons!!

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