Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

While we were in Branson, we went to a Dinosaur Museum I had seen online.
I was a little disappointed in this museum.
It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be.
But, the kids had fun and really liked looking at the dinosaurs, so that's all that really matters.

Here they are posing in front of one of the dinosaurs.
They were really big!

They had re-creations of dinos throughout the museum.
Some of them were just heads sticking out of grass.
The kids thought those were funny.

Their favorite dino was the T-Rex.
Zach wanted his picture taken in front of him.
Riley decided he needed his picture taken too.....only he needed to make a scary face when he did it.
Lily also wanted to be scary for the camera. =)

There was an interactive part of the museum at the end where the kids got to be archaeologists and sweep away sand to find "fossils".

This is the one Zach found!

The kids had fun finding lots of fossils!

As we were walking back into the gift shop, Zach spotted this huge T-Rex head coming out of the wall.
It was just the right height for him to stick his head into....which he thought was pretty funny.

Then the Monkey-See Monkey-Do Twins decided they needed to stick their heads in there too.

The only problem was that they weren't tall enough, so Jeff had to hold them up to the head.
As my sister Amy pointed out after seeing this picture, it looks like Jeff is feeding Lily to the
T-Rex. ;-)

Even though I was not too impressed with this museum, the kids did have fun and they got to see lots of dinosaurs, so it was a good trip!

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