Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brave Zach

On Thursday, Zach showed us that he is ready to swim in the deep end without his lifejacket!

He is also perfectly comfortable diving into the deep end....

without his life jacket......
even doing flips!!!

(that mat looks closer than it really was...)

He was SO proud of himself!!!
And I was SO proud of him!
Good job Zach!!

On another note:
You may remember at the beginning of the summer, Lily was not too fond of being in the pool without holding on to someone.
Well, on Thursday, she sat on the stairs, by herself!!!!

This was a BIG step for Lily!
Yeah Lily!!

As for Riley......

there's not a whole lot that scares this one....

Jeff & I may be in trouble as he gets older. ;-)

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