Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Crafts

On Monday last week, Camden came over to play with Lily.
Since he doesn't always get to come over for craft day, we decided to squeeze in a craft with our playing.
We made Christmas trees!
I let them put glue dots all over their trees.
Lily likes to say, "Just a dot, not a lot!"
It is pretty cute to hear her say that over and over. =)
Then they added glitter to their glue.

They had a lot of fun with that.
They were surprisingly careful with the glitter too.
Then we added foam sticky candy canes and stars.

I think they had fun making their trees.

Then on Friday, we had our regular craft day.
Johnny couldn't come, but Camden's big brothers did!
Cooper & Carson were out of school for Christmas break already, so they got to come over too!
The first craft we made was gingerbread men.

We used foil tissue paper, glitter glue, and puff balls.
I like how each one is different!
Good job kids!!

By this time, Camden had lost interested in craft day and went off in search of trains.

But the other three got ready to make wreaths!

We used cut paper, glitter glue, & puff balls.

They did a great job!

Thanks Cooper, Carson, and Camden for coming over to do crafts with Lily!!

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  1. These are so cute! I love the gingerbread with the foil tissue! You are such a fun mom! :)