Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve is pretty low-key.
Which is a good thing, because usually the next few days are a rush of go, go, go.
We just have a few traditions.
One is to get all dressed up and take individual and family pictures in front of the tree before Christmas Eve mass.

After mass, we come home and I slave over a home cooked meal.
Just kidding!
We pick up dinner.
That's MY present. ;-)

The kids usually watch a Christmas movie and then they each choose a cookie to leave for Santa.
We always leave hot cocoa too.

This year, Zach wrote a letter to Santa:

He was very excited the next morning, when Santa wrote on the back that he was thankful for the cookies and hot cocoa.

Then Jeff reads The Night Before Christmas.

After putting kids to bed (several times for one 8 year old.....), our Christmas Eve rituals are over.
At least for the kids.
Jeff & I usually have a glass of wine and sit on the couch enjoying the silence. ;-)

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