Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zach's Birthday

Zach was super excited about his Birthday this year.
He could hardly go to sleep the night before. =)
Riley woke him up with a big hug, saying "Happy Birthday Zach!!"
I think he liked waking up that way.

I took sugar cookies to his class for his Birthday in the afternoon.

Then when we got home, he opened his presents!!

His favorite present?

A BB gun.....
not my idea...
He loved it though.
He has used one with Granddad & at Scout camp.
He is super excited to shoot it.

Zach chose to go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner.
We have not been there in forever.
The kids had a ton of fun.
Now Riley & Lily want to go there for their Birthdays....
When we came home it was time for cake!

I think Zach had a pretty good Birthday. =)

On Saturday, we had a Birthday party with all of our families.
Zach got a lot of cool presents.
He also got some money/gift cards.
He is trying to decide what he will spend it all on!

Zach was excited about getting to eat cake again!

Thanks everyone for helping make Zach's Birthday special!!!
He had a GREAT day!

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