Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parties!

We had two days of Christmas Parties!
Lily's was on Monday.
They had all of the preschoolers together for their party.
That's a lot of 3, 4, and 5 year olds!
All of the kids had Santa hats and bells.
They sang some songs and rang their bells.
It was really cute.

There were five songs total.
Lily lasted through two and then she came over to me and told me she was done.
I was surprised she stayed up there that long! =)

Then we got to eat some yummy food.

Santa got mobbed by a bunch of preschoolers when he came!!

Lily got this cute caterpillar from Santa!
She was very excited.

Lily had a great time at her first school party!

Today, the boys had their parties.
I am Riley's Room Mother, so I had to be in there for most of the time.
Lily and Riley helped each other with their manger scene craft.

After the art project, I popped over to Zach's class.

He was having fun playing games and eating yummy snacks!!

Then I went right back to Riley's class.
They were eating the yummy food parents brought.

Lily liked having two parties to go to!

Earlier in the day, each class got to go see Santa and have their picture taken with him.
Here are the pictures we got:

The boys had a great time at their parties too.
Now all three kids are off school until January 4th!!

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