Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowmen Ornaments

Yesterday we made hand print snowman ornaments.
I got the idea for this super cute craft here.
I saw it and decided we had to make them too!

All you need is big glass ornament bulbs, white paint, felt, and hot glue.
I chose these blue ones, but any color would look cute.

I painted each of the kids' hands white.

Then they carefully placed their hands on a bulb.

Each bulb looked like this when we were done:

Each finger (and thumb) will be a snowman and the palm is snow!
After they were dry, we drew faces onto the tips of the fingers.
(Riley added arms too.)
Then I cut out hats and scarves out of different colored felt.
I let Lily choose the colors and what she wanted where, but I did the rest for her.
The boys helped draw their faces and helped glue on their hats and scarves.
These are their CUTE ornaments!!



I also wrote their names and the year on the palm of their hand print.

These cute ornaments are now hanging on our tree!

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