Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Lights & Santa

Saturday night, we headed out with our hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights.
It is one of the things we do every year with the kids.

We started out at our favorite place; The Lights on St. Paul.
You drive through and look at all of the pretty lights while listening to music.
The kids love this place!

Then we went inside the building and saw Santa!!!
Lily was super excited about seeing him.

Riley is such a hugger. =)

While the kids were eating their candy canes from Santa, we headed to see more lights.
This house's lights were set to music you could listen to on your radio. It was really cool

This house was bright!

It was crazy how many lights were here on this one house.

The kids thought it was cool.
It will definitely be on our list to see again next year. =)
We had a lot of fun looking at lights again this year!!


  1. Is the last photo of the guy's house that bought all the lights from the grizzwald's house?

  2. I keep hearing about the lights on St. Pauls. Maybe we need to try and find them?? Could you email me directions??