Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

I used to think I got more excited about Christmas morning than the kids did.
I love seeing the kids' faces and how excited they get to see what Santa brought, and can't wait for them to wake up.
That's what I thought......
until Zach came bouncing (literally) into our bed at 6:30 Saturday morning talking a mile a minute.
He might have been a tad more excited than me at that point. =)

We woke Lily & Riley up.
After trying to talk Zach into waiting a little bit....unsuccessfully.
But Lily & Riley did not mind getting up to see their presents.
Imagine that!

After the kids played with their Santa presents for awhile, we opened presents from each other.

and then played with those toys....

We had a great Christmas morning.
The kids all got lots of things they wanted.
Jeff & the kids got me an espresso maker. (yeah!!!)
The kids were excited to give Jeff his new Chiefs slippers.
(He got other things, they just don't care about jeans and khaki pants.)
There were no fights and no melt downs.
I like that kind of morning. =)

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