Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flower Girl

Last Friday, we headed down to Texas for my brother & sister-in-law, Joe & Udrika's wedding ceremony.
But first, we stopped to see some of Jeff's family.
It was great to see everyone and the kids had fun playing together!

On Saturday, Lily began getting ready for her debut as Flower Girl.
First we rolled her hair in hot rollers.
After gelling, and hair spraying the heck out of her very fine hair.....

Our beautiful little girl:

She was SO excited to be a "princess in her wedding dress".
My nephews Cooper and Kael were also in the wedding.
Cooper was a junior groomsman & Kael was the ring bearer.
They looked so handsome!

Lily with Uncle Joe:

We had to get in a family shot. ;-)

Lily and Camden were absolutely adorable together!!

Lily got to share her duties with two other little girls.
Aren't they cute?!?

I think Kael is liking this a little too much......

Lily took her flower dropping job seriously.

Beautiful Udrika with her dad.

Both Joe & Udrika are in the Air Guard.
They walked out to fellow Air Guard members raising their swords.
It was pretty cool.

My parents with Joe.

Joe and Udrika with Joe's boys, Matt & Trevor.

Lily & her "favorite Aunt" Udrika.
This girl has attached herself to Udrika.
She LOVES her!
It is pretty cute. =)
As I am typing this, Lily is looking at the picture shouting,
"It's Drika & me! It's Drika & me!"

You have to click on this picture to make it bigger.
The look on Lily's face cracks me up!
I think she was done with the picture portion of the day.....

On to the reception!

And dancing!

Everyone was dancing.....
even though it felt like it was 30 degrees outside....

Zach caught the garter!
He was pretty proud of himself.
He seemed a little horrified though when he found out it meant he would be the next to get married!

And finally, dancing with Uncle Joe.

We had a great time in Texas.
We got to spend quality time with lots of family members.

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  1. where is the pic of Zach torturing that little kid ROFL!!!! But seriously those are really beautiful pics as always!