Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip!

Last Saturday, we took our annual trip to Walter's Pumpkin Patch. This was our 7th trip here! The kids LOVE this place, and this year Amy, Sam, & Emma went with us!
It had been raining & we knew that it would probably be muddy, but we didn't think that they would not open. When we got there though, we were the only car in the parking lot, which is unusual. Then they told us they weren't opening until noon (we got there ay 10:00) and they might not even open then because of weather! =( We were SO SAD! It is 45 minutes from our house & this was the only day we had available to go. They went ahead & let us in though & told us they weren't going to run the train, zip line, or punkin' chunkin' since they didn't have staff to run those things. That was OK with us & they let us in for a discounted price! Yeah! The other nice thing is that for the first hour we were the only people there! Even when people did show up it was 5 or 6 people. No crowds!! It was very nice. =)

We always have to see how much the kids have grown each year.

Sam was off the charts!! ;0)

They match!! =) 

We headed to the patch first.

Emma found a pumpkin bigger than her!

Searching for that perfect pumpkin:

Amy found an Emma size pumpkin!

Riley got the biggest pumpkin of everyone!

Lily found a pumpkin that was the perfect size for her.

After searching & searching, Zach finally found one he wanted.

Jeff picked out a white one.

After everyone got their pumpkins, we went to go play!

I'm probably going to get divorce papers for posting this picture, but it was just too funny not too. ;0)

Emma did not really have an opinion on the slide. She neither hated it, nor liked it. She seemed kind of bored by it. Ha Ha!

Lily is not a huge fan of the slide, but she bravely goes down it (with Jeff) once or twice.

Lily climbed all the way to the top of this thing just so I could take her picture in that pose. It's her "princess pose".

After all of that excitement, Amy, Sam, & Emma headed home. We went over to the playground part:

The last thing we did was go through the corn maze.

Then we had to take the obligatory photos in front of pumpkins:

Right after I took this picture, it started pouring! Good thing we were close to the gift shop! It let up enough for us to run to the car though. :0)
Even though it was very, very muddy (seriously...SO much mud!!!), and we didn't get to do some of the things we usually get to do, it was still a fun day. The kids did not care about the mud & without all of the crowds of people, they didn't seem to really care that they didn't get to do those few things they missed out on. It was another successful trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

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