Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Fire Party!

Saturday evening, Amy, Sam, & I had a Halloween Fire Party. (Amy did most of the work though.) We invited our family over & told the kids they could wear costumes!

The yard was all decorated for Halloween!

This is Lily's "scared" face.....

We had lots of fun things planned for the kids; pumpkin painting, a craft table with Halloween stickers, pumpkin bowling, Halloween bean bag toss, witch hat ring toss, and web shooting.

Sam & Emma:

When the kids got there, they started in on all of the fun things right away!

Soon it was time to eat!

This is these 3 cuties first Halloween!

As it got darker, we brought out the desserts! We had S'mores, Witches Fingers, Pumpkin Popcorn Balls, and a Caramel Apple Bar!

Brigid likes chocolate.......

When it was completely dark, we all gathered around the fire & Amy told some scary stories!

After Amy's stories, the kids got a chance to tell some. Some of them were pretty good!! (and funny!) ;0)
Lily really likes Madison. We are glad she got to come up from Texas to see us!

When I was taking this picture, I was just trying to get a picture of Amy, Sam, and Emma, but when I saw it on the computer, I noticed Ares:

Ha! Ha! That kids cracks me up! :0)
I hope this Halloween Fire Party is something we can continue to do each year. It was SO much fun!! Thanks Amy & Sam for hosting!!

(If you are wondering where Jeff & Zach were, they were at a scout campout.)


  1. It was so much fun! Great pictures. :-)

  2. It was LOTS of fun! So many great things to do and eat!! Thank you so much for having the party. The kids LOOOVED it and so did I :0)