Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daisy Outing

Last Saturday, Lily & I went to a Daisy Scout event called Money Counts. They taught the girls about the values of different coins & bills, and how many coins you needed to make a dollar. Then they talked about how much things cost. It was held at Cero's Candy Shop.

After they talked about money, they showed them around the candy shop. They got to see how they make candy!

After the tour, each girl got one dollar to spend on chocolate. They could spend less than a dollar, and get change back, but they could not go over a dollar. They had to figure out which candies would be less than a dollar and if they could get more than one. Lily picked a light (they charge by the weight of the candy) peanut butter melt-away & was able to get two! Then they got to eat their candy.

All of the girls learned a lot & earned a leaf patch for their vests!

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