Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Carnival

On Saturday, we headed over to Jeff's Grandma's retirement home to go to their Fall Carnival! They had all sorts of fun things for the kids & all of the proceeds went to The Lord's Diner.
The first thing Lily wanted to do was take a picture with Buzz Lightyear!

Then we headed off in search of Great Grandma. We found her in the cake walk room. The kids quickly got on a number to try to win a cake:

Jeff & his Grandma:

The kids didn't win a cake, but we got to talk to grandma. =) Then we went off to ride the ponies!

They LOVED this!! They thought it was so much fun!

After the ponies, the kids ran over to the giant inflatable slide:

Since it was freezing outside, it didn't take much to talk the kids into going back inside. The first place they headed to was the balloon animals & face painting:

After that was rubber band guns!

After we had our fill of rubber band guns, we headed back to the cake walk again. We still did not win a cake, but that's OK, we had a lot of fun trying.
Thanks Dot for inviting us, the kids had a great time!

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  1. This looked like such a good fundraising event! And Dot looks fantastic. :-)