Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Art Projects

Now that all of the kids are in school all day everyday, it's harder to get very many art projects in, but we have managed to do a few.
The first one was a spider web with a hand print spider. We started with the kids making a web using black glitter glue.

While we waited for the webs to dry, I painted their hands orange and they pressed them onto paper to make a spider.

When everything was dry, we cut out the spiders, glued wiggly eyes onto them, and then glued them onto the webs:

Emma made one of these too, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Speaking of Emma, this is an art project just she did. It's a candy corn made out of her footprint! I just painted her heel white, the middle of her foot yellow, and the top orange & pressed it onto paper.

The last project we did was a classic; footprint ghosts! These are pretty easy, just a white footprint on paper, added wiggly eyes, and used a black marker to make the mouths. These 3 are my kids':

This one is Emma's:

Hopefully we will get a few more projects in before Halloween!

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