Friday, October 5, 2012

Funny Boys

Sometimes I find random things stuck up on the walls in my house. They are usually put there by one of the two little boys that live here.....
A month or two ago, I walked upstairs & saw this:

It points to Zach's room. I really have no idea why we haven't taken this down by now, but we haven't. Maybe because it's upstairs & nobody really sees it? Who knows.

This last Tuesday, when I was putting Riley to bed, I saw this above his headboard:

That is Zach's handwriting.
If you can't read the picture, it says:

Riley S. Logan
2005 - 2012
He died of unawesomeness (and baldness).

Riley did not think he was funny....

Then on Wednesday, I saw these by Riley's room:

These are in Riley's handwriting.
Apparently he wants Zach to stay out of his room.

So, those are the silly things my boys have been doing lately. It's never boring around here! ;0) 

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