Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Treat Bowl

On Monday, Emma & I made a treat "bowl" for her to give to her Mommy. I started with a "bowl" (I couldn't find a round one that I liked), glittery puff paint, regular paint, and a paint brush.

Since the bowl was orange & this was for Halloween, I painted Emma's feet black:

Then I stamped her tiny feet into the middle:

Then, with the glittery puff paint, I wrote:

I was pretty impressed with myself.....until the next morning when I saw that some of the letters were peeling off. I barely touched a few & they came right off of the bowl:

I could not figure out what had happened. I had wanted a ceramic treat bowl, but couldn't find a plain one I could paint on, so when I found this one (which is plastic), I thought it would work just fine. And it would have if I had actually bought puff paint. I didn't. I bought glue:

Apparently I stopped reading after sparkly & glitter. So, I got real puff paint & repainted the words:

It's not sparkly & glittery, but it was still cute & Amy liked it. =)
I just wish my kids' feet were smaller so I could do this with them. I don't think I want a bowl big enough for Zach's feet now though. ;0)


  1. It is so cute!!! Thank you Emma and Aunt Jenny!

  2. Adorable! Even Emma's feet are cute :0)