Friday, October 12, 2012

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Trip

On Thursday, I went with Lily's class to go to the pumpkin patch. They got to play on the playground first & take pictures in these cute cut-outs.

This is Lily & her BFF Charlie

Lily & her cousin Johnny:

After playing for a little bit, we started our tour. This wasn't just a pumpkin patch, it was also a dairy farm! We started out learning how the cows are milked. The kids got to put their hands on the pumps that get the milk from the cows & feel the suction.

Then we got to see some animals.

Lily LOVED the baby lamb!!


Johnny got a chick to sit on his hand!

After that, we sat on bleachers to watch them actually milk a cow. Then they put the milk that they got into a giant bottle & the kids' teacher, Mrs. Heise, got to feed a baby calf!

Then we headed over to the pig races!!

Finally, it was time to head out the the pumpkin patch on a wagon.

Lily picked out a tiny pumpkin:

These are the 3 girls that were in my group: Abigail, Lily, & Charlie:

Lunch was next, which was a good thing because all of those kindergartners were hungry!

The last few things that we got to do was go through a hay bale maze & then play on the playground again.

All of the kindergartners & Mrs. Heise:

Even though it was super windy, we had a good time!

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