Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Riley!!

This sweet little baby entered our lives 9 years ago today. He was three weeks and one day early. He loves to hear the story about how he was born. How he was supposed to be born on April 14th (by induction), but just couldn't wait. He likes to hear how I was taken to the hospital by ambulance from St. Mary's in Newton where I taught 3rd grade, to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, because he really wanted to be born on April 13th. I always leave out the part where I was so scared that something might happen to him. I always tell him how happy and grateful I was that he was healthy, and that he has always liked to do things his own way, beginning the day he was born. :0)

Riley has always been a loving little boy. I remember when he used to tell complete strangers (waitresses, store clerks, mattress delivery men....) that he loved them. He LOVES to hug, loves to tell you he loves you, that you are beautiful, that you are his favorite. I love that about him.

He has grown SO much in the past 9 years. He has gone from a boy that was not that interested in learning, preferring to play or talk to friends instead, to a very smart boy who in the third grade, reads on a seventh grade level and makes all A's without even really trying. (Because he still prefers to play and talk with friends....) ;0)

I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You are loving, caring, smart, and funny. You are a blessing to our family! Happy Birthday Riley!! We love you!!

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  1. Such a sweet baby photo! Glad he had a fun party. Tell him more money is on the way for the Disney Infinity game and characters!!