Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mine Craft Paintings

We redid Zach's room last Fall. After that, Riley wanted his room to be redone too. Since his room was recently painted, I wasn't going to repaint it, but I told him that we would change the theme of his room. It was transportation. (The same as when we moved into the house & he was 20 months old.) Now if your kids are anything like mine, they are crazy obsessed with Mine Craft. When I saw paintings on Pinterest that were Mine Craft inspired, I thought that it would be pretty easy to do. Mine Craft is all squares, so you don't need any real artistic talent to do this. ;0)

All I needed was some canvases, painters tape, paint, and paint brushes.

The first one I did was Creeper. It is black with several different shades of green. This was the hardest one to me, but I think that part of it was because it was the first one I did.
I started out with taping out the face part of the creeper. Then I taped off squares to start painting the different shades of green.

After that paint was dry, I took off part of the tape and painted more green squares.

I repeated that until I was completely done:

The next character I painted was the Ender Dragon. (These were all chosen by Riley). This one was the easiest. I just taped off his eyes & mouth....

then painted everything black.

When that was dry, I peeled off the tape and painted the mouth light & dark purple. (To save money on paint, I mixed the paints together to make new colors.)

Next was the TNT block. I taped off the middle for the white spot where it says TNT, and then squares for the different shades of red.

I painted the squares like I did the creeper.

When the squares were all done, I had this:

Then I free-handed the TNT making it look like it does in the game.

Steve, the main character in the game, was next. I did the same thing that I had done to all of the rest of the pictures. Taped off his face and then taped off squares. I painted his flesh first.

Then I painted his mouth and hair. The last thing was his eyes.

Mooshroom was the last one I did. I taped off where his eyes, mouth, and the white/grey spot he has are, then painted him red.

When the red was dry, I painted the grey & black areas.

All 5 paintings:

One very happy little boy:

Using a 40% off coupon (for one set of 2 canvases) at Michael's, I spent about $37.00 for all 5 paintings. Not too bad since these paintings were listed on Etsy at $32.00 each. And Riley got the ones he wanted. :0)


  1. So Cool!! He looks super happy with them too :0)
    Good job!