Monday, April 28, 2014

All Saints Carnival

The kids' school, All Saints, has started having "Family Fun Nights". In October, they have a Halloween Spooktakular, They have a Chili Cook-Off in January, and in April they have a Carnival. The kids were super excited to go to this.
The first game Riley & Lily played was Plinko!

They both won a big prize! This is what Riley got:

Zach had run off playing different games and winning prizes. When I found him he was throwing a football into these tires. He got one in too!

Riley thought the throwing toilet paper into the toilet was a funny game!

The cupcake walk was pretty popular! I liked that you got a cupcake instead of an entire cake if you won!

The reptile toss was pretty fun too!

The kids played lots more games, then we headed downstairs with our food for the night.

They also had face painting, tattoos down there.

Lily had gone back up to try to get a cupcake & came back down with one! So, all three kids got one!

I have no idea why, but the fake injury booth was super popular. Kids walked away with fake black eyes, bloody bandages, there were a lot of kids walking around with "injuries".....Weird....

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun!!

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  1. Glad I happen to be in town at the same time. I asked Camden if he had fun and his reply..."why did you even have to ask? It was Amazing!" :0)
    I also noticed that the fake injury line was quite popular! Weird.