Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Riley's Birthday

Riley started off his Birthday weekend by having his friend Britton over for bowling, go-cart racing, cookie, cake, and a sleep over!

These two are such good friends!! :0)

In case you where wondering where the other two were, Lily was there, you can kind of see her in the background, and Zach was at a campout. :0)

We had his family party on Saturday, then on Sunday, his actual Birthday, we got ready for church and opened his presents before heading out.

He loved all of his presents!

After church, we were going to go to the Renaissance Fair, but the weather changed our plans. There was a big storm that passed through, and we didn't think getting soaking wet and hailed on would be a good idea.... ;0)

So, we went to Chuck E Cheese. I must really love this guy... ;0)

All three kids had a ton of fun!

Later on that evening, we sang Happy Birthday to Riley and then they enjoyed a chocolate pie.

 (I don't know what is going on with Zach's face in that picture......LOL!)

He got to bring cupcakes to school on Monday to celebrate, so he was able to squeeze one more day of Birthday out. :0)

So, Riley is officially 9! Crazy! These kids won't stop getting older!!

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  1. Ok my kids are not allowed to read your blog or they will revolt and think their bdays stink from now on ;0) Looks like he had lots of bday fun and love