Monday, April 14, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party

My boys are obsessed with Minecraft, so when I asked Riley what theme he wanted for his Birthday, he immediately said, "Minecraft!!!!"

I scoured Pinterest and other online sites for fun ideas. Here is what I came up with:

I found cute banners online that I could print off and 3D minecraft figures that you can print off and then put together. I printed off Steve, the creeper, the enderman, and grass, gold, brick, and TNT blocks. 


I saw this idea all over the place. You print off (or you can order through Etsy, but I'm cheep...) the different things they use in the game and match them with real-life food. Riley loved this idea and I think it was a hit at the party!

The gold was Rolos, Andes Mints were emeralds:

Fish were Swedish Fish and coal was Hershey's chocolate drops:

I would have had actual carrots at the carrots, but Riley hates them, so we used Cheetos:

I used Dove milk chocolate as the diamonds because they have a blue wrapper, and red hots (I wanted Hot Tamales, but couldn't find them) as the redstone:

Twizzler bites were the TNT blocks, and the sticks were pretzel sticks:

The other banner I printed off was this one with Happy Birthday spelled out in Minecraft lettering:

For drinks, I bought green Hi-C punch and drew creeper faces on them.

I also bought clear cups and drew a creeper face on Riley's cup and wrote his name in blocks on the back:

I left our a black marker and lots of the kids did similar things. :0)

My sister, Mary, made this awesome cake!! Riley picked out what he wanted and Mary made it come true. The creeper, Steve, and blocks are made out of candy clay and edible!

Riley LOVED his cake!

After we ate pizza, Riley opened his presents from everyone. He got lots of fun stuff and money/gift cards. He is planning on buying the Disney Infinity game with his new-found wealth. ;0)

After presents, it was time for cake and ice cream!

Riley had a great time at his Minecraft Birthday Party!!

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