Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Last Friday, Riley's 3rd grade class set off the volcanoes they had been working on all week. This was Riley's group:
Riley, Natalie, and Kamillah:

They made the volcanoes out of paper Mache and then painted them.

Their teacher went around pouring vinegar into watch volcano and then handed out spoonful's full of baking soda.

When they all had their vinegar and baking soda, they poured it in the volcano and waited for it to explode!

They were going to make them explode again, but this time they poured in Diet Coke and their teacher gave them each some Mentos.

Unfortunately, none of the volcanoes exploded. So, they put Mentos into the bottle of Diet Coke and it exploded!

They decided that maybe it didn't work in the volcanoes because there was baking soda and vinegar in there from before. They all had fun though and had a good time showing off their hard work!!

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  1. making a volcano or making something explode is always a good day at school :0)