Monday, April 21, 2014


We started our Easter fun on Saturday with dying eggs. Since we knew that Madison (My brother Joe & Sister-in-law Udrika's daughter) would like to dye eggs too and they were in town, we invited them over.

Even Tanner got to hold an egg!

These are Madison's eggs:

Lily's eggs:

Zach put a smiley face on one of his eggs. :0)

These are Riley & Zach's eggs:

Lily & Madi played dress-up afterwards.

Then later on, Jeff (who had been up since 5:00 am smoking hams with the Knights of Columbus) took a nap with Tanner. Lily decided to cuddle with them too. ;0)

The Easter Bunny came later that night and left the kids candy, presents, and hid eggs for them to find!

They read the note from the Easter Bunny that told them what color of eggs and how many eggs they could find, and also that they got a Despicable Me 2 DVD to share.

Then they were off looking for eggs!

After they found all of their eggs and ate some candy, we all got ready for church. 

After Easter Mass, we got ready for my family to come over to eat lunch and have an egg hunt!
After lunch, we hurried to do the hunt before the rain came. we still got sprinkled on, but it wasn't too bad.

We let the littlest kids go first so the big ones wouldn't run them over!
Brigid was out first and ready to get her eggs!

Brigid's twin, Ceri was next. She was excited too!

Madi got her cowboy boots on and headed out to gather her eggs!

Tanner got to find eggs too!

Then we let the big kids out.

Some of them were so fast I didn't even get any pictures of them!

The twins were chilling out with Granddad eating their candy afterwards:

It was a fun afternoon of family, food, and laughter!

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