Friday, April 25, 2014

Zach & Sister Julita

In 5th grade at All Saints, you get to have a "Grand-pal". Each of the 5th graders gets to go and visit the retired nuns once a month at the convent by All Saints. Zach's Grand-pal is Sister Julita. He really loves her. He talks about her all of the time. When he found out when her birthday was, we HAD to put it on the calendar so we could bring her a present. Even though Zach was going to go to Grand-pals the very next day, he really wanted to go see Sister Julita on her actual birthday. So, on Wednesday, he made a card for her, and then before I picked the kids up from school on Thursday, I got some flowers for her. They had to be very colorful, per Zach's request. He was SO excited to take them to her. Here is Zach with Sister Julita:

She was surprised by the visit! She was excited to see Zach and loved the flowers and card. :0)

I am so proud of Zach. What a loving and caring thing to do. I love that he has such a big heart. :0) I am glad that I could witness this love between him and his Grand-pal. He has already asked if we can visit her through out the summer. :0) He is so thoughtful and I am proud that he is my son. :0)


  1. I think that is fantastic of him!! And what a great idea to have grand-pals!